will day z ever be finished

    been out the loop for this one, will day z ever be finished? It has been a few years just wondering if it will be finished soon and will it be coming to consoles?


    No lol

    I think so, the PC version is still not finished and pretty dead and the developers said they are focused on the PC version.

    I'd say definitely no. I bought it when I moved from ps4 to PC, hoping to find the ultimate 'the last of us' alternative. it has completely lost momentum. pity

    It will, BI have only just stopped supporting Operation Arrowhead.
    Although due to the past issues Dayz had they changed things, Argo was released as an 'Incubator' game, makes sense.

    Devs working on a new game now!

    Wish I took Steams refund policy...


    Devs working on a new game now!Wish I took Steams refund policy...

    Totally seperate team, BI have been on a huge recruitment drive, still are if you're intrested ?
    So Dayz, Arma and Argo are all still being developed, each has its own team.
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