will dsi from usa play uk games?

hi all, basically my son wants a dsi but not the black or white one! just looked on flea bay and found a blue one from america which hes interested in will the uk games he has work on it also if he had an r4i? sorry if I shouldn't write that bit!


no, dsi are region locked, cheecky ******s that they are,:x

Yes it will work(R4i).

Waste of money, but if he must have it, buy away.


Yes it will work(R4i).Waste of money, but if he must have it, buy away.

sorry, didn;t read about the r4i card,:oops:

yes they will play uk ds games,i have a blue dsi from america looks mint the only region locking is on the dsi exclusive stuff which there isnt any yet.

you can still download stuff from the dsi store but its the american version

i have a acekard but before i got one it played uk ds games

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cheers thanks for the help
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