Will Ebay do any more £1 max final value fee listings days?

Found 30th Aug 2017
Does anyone know how often ebay do those events where you can list something with a £1 FVF? There was one a few weeks ago that I missed. I have some stuff that I am waiting to flog and I am wondering if I should hold on for until the next £1 FVF event. Do they normally only happen once in a blue moon?

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Normally it's close to a bank holiday or on a bank holiday weekend. So with none now until Christmas, chances are it may be a while. They might do something around black Friday/ cyber day 24/11/17 (but purely an assumption).

Id say they are pretty regular, but thats probably to encourage people who havent sold for a while to list something

They're fairly common - somewhere around once every 1-2 months has been the recent trend.
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