Will eBay ever do a 10 Percent Sitewide Deal Again?

Posted 3rd Feb
Got loads in my basket, anyone remember the 2019 dates for these?
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Search HUKDs for “eBay sitewide”. Last one was Tues 5th Nov - 10% off new items.
Lol why does this question get asked to the hukd crowd all the time? nobody ever knows when it will come. Ebay themselves probably don't know until last minute.
Buy this for £5 and you will easily make your money back: theworks.co.uk/p/a…983
I have my hand on the ball.
deeky03/02/2020 22:13

Yes, move it please, you're hurting me

It’s stuck with my Pva glue.
Misslovely03/02/2020 21:54

Lol magic ball that is

Well a ball in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, So the old Yorkshire saying goes .
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