Will Guitar Hero 3 on the xbox 360 be cheap

    Well i paid £65 for gh2 on the 360 and im looking to get gh3

    But all i see on the net is that its £40 and i tell you now im not paying that

    Ive spent a lot of money on a controller that is redundant without the game

    Singstar on the ps3 is £40 with mics but £20 without - so im hoping gh3 will probably be about £25

    Anybody know?


    £40 is good for GH3 if it comes with a guitar, then you can rock out with 2 guitars Quo-like. Rock Band on the other hand requires you to remortgage your house to afford the whole set.

    You'll still be looking at £40 for just the game...

    Same as GH2 when that first came out.

    As Browni says. Also i'll get the full pack as GH3 comes with a Wireless Guitar this time. :-D

    Guitar Hero in general seems a bit of a ripoff on the 360, I thought 65 was rough for the game but the downloadable content was even worse. I can't say I'm optimistic about GH3.

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