Will i be able to watch Freeview with built in tuner? Panasonic Viera TX-L32E3B

Posted 8th Feb 2023
Panasonic Viera TX-L32E3B
TV from ~2011
states it has built in freeview tuner.
I simply would like to watch some channels
also what would you recommend to make it smart TV (very basic) no need for any super options/ no recording etc.

my knowledge about TV is 0. only was using TV as 2nd PC monitor in past.

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  1. KodaBear's avatar
    Yes that should let you watch Freeview channels just fine. But not the HD Channels. SD Only.

    As for making it smart - Just buy this Roku Express device for less than £20.


    That will give you all the usual apps you might expect for catch-up shows as well as the on demand players like Netflix, Disney+ etc.
  2. Timbonagasaki's avatar
    I've got one of these. The TV guide has reverted to 'now and next' only and is a bit slow, and a few years ago I had to update the firmware to get the telly to work at all.
    Apart from that it been ok.

    PS I use a NowTV stick for the smart stuff.
  3. tardytortoise's avatar
    I use everyday as the main family TV Panasonic Viera TX-L37E5B - the 37 signifies 37" as opposed to L32E5B signifying 32".
    I bought it new many years ago and I will be keeping it until it goes beyond economic repair.
    At the same time I bought a Panasonic Theatre system which means sound is delivered through 5 speakers and a sub-woofer. Frankly, this model Panasonic is pants as far as sound is concerned without something to supplement. I can get all the HD channels and will continue to do so when the forthcoming changes take place.
    I attached a Google Chromecast to make it a little smarter. As well as the extra channels it means I can cast stuff from other devices in the property.
    I also have a multi-region dvd player attached which works fine. There is even a Humax PVR attached which is rarely used these days but this does have a facility to act as a server meaning I can transfer media files from a device to store and subsequently play whenever.
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