Will I be disappointed with a LCD vs 8 year old Panasonic Plasma?

    Hi All,

    My 8 year old Panasonic TH-50PHW3 has started to fail (strange green horizontal lines appear on the right hand side of the screen for a minute or two after cold start). So, this is my early warning to think about getting a replacement. Having dropped 4K on the panel new back in 2000 I am slightly disappointed that it has not lasted longer but then 8 years is not bad for a piece of consumer electronics.

    So my question. My brother has a 46" 1080p Samsung LCD and says I'd be mad to buy a plasma rather than a LCD now. My main question is would I be most likely disappointed with:

    a) Going to a LCD from a Plasma
    b) Going to a smaller say 40-46inch screen (my viewing distance is about 3 meters from the sofa to the plasma on the wall).

    What are your thoughts and experiences.

    I watch TV via a Windows Media Center PC connected via VGA (but it could do DVI if the TV had such an input) and XBox via Component, Wii/Backup Freeview via composite. Sometimes (rarely) DVDs via component. I have a Marantz SR5300 AV Amp - which I use solely for the audio switching.

    Finally any recommended models/brands of TVs.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!


    I would certainly look at the current Panasonic plasma range. I still belive plasma gives a better tv picture than lcd. You will get arguments from both lcd and plasma fans, both have advantages and dissadvantages.

    I'm sure more will reply here, but I would check out, both lcd and plasma sub forums, but of course each will be biased. Best to use these for checking info on particular models rather than lcd vs plasma. Visit a local showroom and see for yourself.

    As for size, I personally would stick at 50".

    8 years sounds pretty good for the tv you had, i'm sure there have been great improvements since then, so enjoy whatever you end up with:thumbsup:

    Personally, I have a Panasonic PX80 plasma which i got a year ago. Couldn't be more pleased with it. Great SD picture and great streaming HD from the xbox. I also have 2 Lcd's, but just don't like the 'artificial' look of the picture, the plasma looks so much more natural. Everybody has their own opinion though......

    Original Poster

    Great advice thanks :thumbsup:

    lcd has NO advantage


    I'd always choose Plasma over LCD.

    The only advantages LCD has is the cost and power consumption. The latter is negligable in the bigger picture of things and outlay is like anything else... better normally costs more!
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