Will i change from Vista buisness to Xp

    Iv been thinking on this for a bit, will i change back or not? i bought the Vostro 1000 laptop a few months ago (thanks to Emasu's post),
    Iv got used to the Vista but is it worth it to go back to Xp ?
    would it work better and speed things up on a laptop, altho i have went to rescources of manually getting rid of most of the crap that Vista comes with.

    Question also is, is it easy to change back if you have vista? do you send off for th xp disc or something?


    I've been considering this since I got mine (Thanks to MikeT's post) I think.

    I might do it when i've got time. Games lag for me like hell.. even online games.

    I complained about it and asked why XP wasnt an option and they gave me £40 compensation as a goodwill gesture to go buy XP, but i just spent it :whistling:

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    Someone on here said that dell or microsoft are giving you the free cd if you want to revert back

    is that true?

    Not heard that, but will strongly consider it if true.

    Ring them maybe?

    vista -- looks 'pretty' but makes your machine far less responsive and will (in my experience of the various flavours) randomly just hang for a number of minutes until it realises its all gone hporribly wrong and forcibly ends the offending process. in short, if you can live without the eye candy, go back to XP and you will have a far faster respodning machine and less crashes/hangs... (very much my opinion of course, no science) ;-)

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    it was on here i read it T0mm

    I might email dell + microsoft tomorrow.

    Thanks for the heads up, ill let you know how I Get on.

    Turn off Google Desktop indexing. I did and PC is a different machine.
    Oh and get 3 Gb total RAM (will not use more on 32 bit Vista) and remove unused startup stuff.

    Best of luck:thumbsup:

    Dont think the vostro has ram sticks bigger then 1GB each.

    only has 2 slots.

    Same here, I have a Dell 1501 with Vista Business, and although Vista looks nice it is nowhere near as responsive as XP.

    What I will do is use a recycled XP COA (easy to buy on newsgroups and legal - M$ let you authenticate it) and XP generic CDs are easy to come by.

    That way I will leave the Vista recovery partition intact, then I can go back to Vista at a later date if required.




    Someone on here said that dell or microsoft are giving you the free cd if … Someone on here said that dell or microsoft are giving you the free cd if you want to revert backis that true?

    Not quite, it's slightly more complicated than that - I have recently been through the procedure. Basically you need the following:

    - Vista Business or Ultimate OEM (no other versions qualify)
    - Existing XP key which can be an OEM license tied to another machine
    - XP install media

    You install XP as normal and activate using the XP key, this should fail if it's already tied to another machine and you will have to phone MS. You explain to the MS rep that you are downgrading and give them your Vista key at which point they should give you the confirmation key to use your XP install.

    It's a messy procedure I assume to discourage people from doing the downgrade, the MS reps also have no idea what they're talking about with one of them insisting I had to buy another copy of XP to use my downgrade rights(!).

    As for XP vs Vista, I did the downgrade on a Sony UX which is a UMPC with just 1GB ram, it wasn't that great with Vista but works well with XP. It doesn't run that well on a Latitude D620 which again only has 1GB ram and 1.8Ghz Core Duo, however I'm happy with the performance on the XPS M1710 which has a Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz and 2GB ram- I really find the ram makes a lot of difference, the XPS is very smooth.

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