Will I get a better offer from Sky?

    I have been with Sky for over 17 years, and my package (Sports, movies, HD, multi-room and MUTV) is going up to £95.50. Online chat offered me 20% off, which I declined. I have now given one month's notice. Do you think they will contact me and offer me a bigger discount? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


    definitely. I left them two weeks ago and today they rang me up asking if I still had my box and if I was interested in coming back for a heavily discounted price. Before I left it had just gone up to £63 a month, today they offered the same package for £26.. 12 month no contract.

    so yeh, if you don't mind waiting the offers will come

    Yeah, I agree with the previous comment. It seems you actually have to leave, and then the calls will start coming to ask you back along with hefty discounts to entice you.

    Alternatively you could try calling 0344 241 4414 and see what they offer you. I called them a few days ago and got:

    Sky Q 1TB,
    Boxsets, all channels except sports/movies
    Mini box,
    Super Max fibre broadband unlimited (76mbs),
    Line rental,
    Anytime calls Inc mobile numbers,
    £100 bill credit.

    All the above came to £26.31, but factor in the bill credit and it comes in just under £18 per month.

    No connection fee, but £10 installation + £9.95 router delivery fee.

    I used the MSE offer as reference along with the Curry's sky offer to get that deal.

    Give them a call, sometimes you may have to call a few times to get the "right person" to get a good deal.

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    The begging phone calls and letters are unreal and that was during my 30days notice! They can **** off tho!

    you'll get an email within a month offering you 60% off lol

    I haven't paid for TV for 18 months. They keep applying credit to my account which is running at a 60% discount anyway. Each time I cancel. I get a cold call within a week trying to get me back, resulting in more credit on the account

    Original Poster

    I appreciate all your comments. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Great big long thread on it…814. Read it through and I suspect your Sky will cost you £26.80 a month with £50 account credit . Worked for me

    Just read the last 5/10 pages of that thread above (the 75% off one). You should end up paying about £39p.m. with 60% off (£34p.m. avg'd out with the £50 credit they'll offer) - PLUS MUTV on top, whatever you pay for that - I've never manageed a bean off MUTV so never got it lol.

    I'm just joining sky as a new customer

    Sky Q 1TB box

    Box Sets + 80 channels

    talk line rental

    talk anytime extra

    Sky Fibre Max

    Sky Q Hub

    for £27 pm
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