Will i get a better picture with a Pro or Elite 360 on a....

    Flatscreen samsung that only goes up to 1080i (i think), i have a LE32R74BD
    there was a thread i asked for this before but i cant remember, is there much point in getting a pro or elite to get better graphics or will the Premium be just as good.



    Theres no difference. For the best picture quality connect the 360 to ur tv through HDMI. Both the Pro and Elite have a HDMI port. But older versions of the Premium version dont come with the HDMI port, but if your buying ur 360 new then itll come with a HDMI port.

    If you only have a 1080i Tv you will get that with the basic Xbox package and just buy the cable (A/VGA) that slots in the back of your tv .But for the extra cash i'd get the Elite. £150 for arcade is tempting tho??

    Good deals here at mo -…tml…4E8

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    the thing im trying to say is with the older 360's thst came with the little switch on the grey wire didnt it, the one where you switched it over to hdmi,
    altho with the new Pro version and the Elite is they any different with the hdmi to the older premium 360 version.

    1, if i buy a Pro or a Elite will i get better graphics than buying a normal premium 360 with the switch on the grey wire?

    think you will undestand that bit lol

    thanks again

    Thats what i have and i'm running in 1080i on a 1080p tv.Graphics are amazing!

    You're getting a little confused, the switch was between composite (for standard definition) and component(high definition) - there is no hdmi for original Xboxes

    I don't think it's worth buying a Pro/Elite to get hdmi unless you have a 1080p TV that doesn't accept 1080p over component, only hdmi. I've only compared component and hdmi at 1080p, to my eye hdmi looked better - I am happy with component on 720p


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    I think what i might do is buy a pro and if i ever update my tv at least ill kow the xbox has the ability to go to 1080p

    good thinking ? lol

    Do you have an Xbox already? If you don't, I'd definitely make sure you get one with hdmi - aside from quality, the hdmi cable is very neat (single plug either end and audio carried along with it) plus most TVs only have a single component input which other devices are already competing for, primarily the Wii for me.


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    No i did have then i sold it but im thinking of getting another one, i like the look of the black Elite tho lol
    but think it will just be a normal pro, now all i have to do is hunt a store that has one and possibly the old falcon chip (quiet) set

    Mate, don’t listen to everything people say.
    I use component, and I often prefer it over HDMI to be honest.
    The old 360 that takes component is still excellent.
    Getting an Elite is a waste of money IMO. Unless you want to pay extra just to have 120gb that you probably wont use, and to have it in black


    I think what i might do is buy a pro and if i ever update my tv at least … I think what i might do is buy a pro and if i ever update my tv at least ill kow the xbox has the ability to go to 1080pgood thinking ? lol

    We have just bought our son this one that is 1080p and fabulous reviews too. He upgraded to the elite as his had 3 red lights problems. If you are looking for an ordinary 360 premium then i have just posted a deal with wilkinsplus for the premium delivered for £182.94. Not a bad price.…RUF

    Only paid £200 though from pixmani and delivered in 2 days.
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