will i get charged for buying items online in us dollar?

    I am pretty new to shopping on international websites so i came across a US website which display prices in us dollar ($) and there is no option on currency conversion. I heard that banks will charge customers for buying items off international websites so I am asking you guys if this is true. If so, then what fee percentage i will charged at? or is it possible that i will incur no fee at all?? Many thanks in advance for answering this question.


    Yes but it all depends on your bank. I got charged £1.23 for a £54 transaction in EUR. Some banks waive the charge but use a worse exchange rate. You'll be best phoning your bank

    Depends on which bank you are currently with. Generally fees can range from 2%-3%. Most common I have seen is 3% non sterling charge, or £1 plus 3% charge.

    You'll find many people will suggest fee free foreign spend accounts/cards such as Halifax Clarity, Nationwide Select, Lloyds Avios, Revolut, Nationwide Flex Plus debit card, Monzo etc.

    There are many options for fee free usage if you will regularly spend in foreign currencies going forward.

    Generally Mastercard branded cards will give you a better rate than Visa too.

    An easy way to check what fee you will pay is to search for your current account/credit card that you are planning to use and look at the T's & C's.

    Hope that helps
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    Your payment provider will have a schedule of daily variable foreign exchange rates somewhere, usually not easy to access. Some also apply an admin fee. Some payment cards have the benefit of no for-ex fees. Unrelated to for-ex, consider that any item where the combined cost of the product plus shipping is over £15 will be liable for import VAT and possibly customs duty plus typically £10+ carrier admin fee, although some personal imports slip under the radar if the supplier does not use a major-name courier company.

    Be careful because you will be charged import tax and duties and it really brings the price up x

    There's a table here, 2nd one down, with most of the bank's non sterling debit card charges...…ges

    Contact your bank first.. I know Barclays and Nationwide Flex Plus account won't charge you. Lloyds and TSB will charge you £1+2.99%

    get yourself a revolut card. load it with £, exchange to $ and use it to but online with no transaction fees at all

    Best to get a card with no fees for foreign transactions like a Halifax clarity.

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    Many thanks for all your responses. So many helpful information here. I think I better check with my bank first but I would be also interested in buying a card with no international fees, as this seems like a really good idea
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