Will I get the free gift with the phone instantly from Dialaphone?

    Sorry that it might be a silly question but I still cant get any response from Dialaphone. I intend to buy a phone from them and get a free Wii console as I bother to claim the cash later. I would like to know that I can get Wii with my phone order at the same time or not.
    Thank you


    Unless it explicitly states that the item will be sent with the phone then you usually have to wait 28 days or so then either they send the item or they send you a voucher to exhange for the item in a local high street store.

    If you check the small print in the T&Cs it usually tells you there.

    as said u usually have to wait 28days

    I think they were doing just before Xmas where you got the free item same day as phone. Usually its 28 days or later though as everyone mentioned above.

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    Thanks :santa:
    I might get it from Phones4u instead as they send it together.
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