Will i get used to the Dual Shock controller?

Found 4th Feb 2015
I want a PS4 - I prefer everything about the console over Xbox One. The problem is, I've used a Dual Shock in the last and never liked it. Will I get used to the Dual Shock with time, going from Xbox 360 to PS4? Anyone else made the switch?
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I hated it at first as I was so used to my 360 controller. Now I prefer it, the main problem for me was I have small hands & they've made the ds4 bigger. You get used to it quickly though & now it feels natural.
Yes for sure the ps4 controller is a lot like the xbox 360 controller
I dont like the touchpad or the position of the options(start) button and the thumb sticks surface is not as nice (too slipery) but much better than ps3. Triggers are nice and the bumper (l1r1) buttons are nicer than xbox, dpad a lot better than xbox. See how you feel and get some thumb grips if you don't like the feel of the ones on ps4
The new Dual shock for the PS4 is much better than the Sixaxis and prevous incrnations. It is slightly bigger with more spacing betwwen the thumb sticks. (although there is an arguement that this was an acident because of the touchpad and not a design feature)
I would recommend you to buy the conroller on iys own and play with it atleast an hour a day and after a month if you're nit use to it, get rid and save yourself alot of money.
I guess if you only use a particular style of pad you get used to it. I'd play on more consoles and then your less likely to get stuck to any single style. If you still can't get on with it then mod the controller to how you like it.

You could try something like the CronusMax but you would lose the touchpad option unfortunately.
Check out xconsoles.com/pro…tml but this only covers keyboard and mouse it seems

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When I had an Xbox 360 and a PS3 I preferred using the PS3 controller exclusively for Xbox driving games. I'm a bit of an old school when it comes to driving games (I have to use the buttons to steer!). I bought an adaptor from Ebay that enabled me to use one controller on the other machine and vice versa. Very handy.

If you click on this it will enable you to use a 360 or Xbox One controller on your PS4

I was looking into one of these adaptors a few months ago and I think I saw them at about £50. Not cheap (considering you will have to buy a controller aswell) but worth it in the long term.

Note: The controllers do have to be wired, so if you want to use an Xbox 360 controller on your PS4, buy a wired one, and if you prefer the Xbox One controller you will need the play and charge kit. Good Luck!
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The ps3 controller is horrible. The analogs feel loose and not as sharp as an xbox 360 one.

This issue has been fixed in the ps4 controller. They feel more responsive over last gen.
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