Posted 15th Nov 2020
I had my xbox series x horizontal in a tv cabinet shelf the clearance was as follows:

To the of the tv unit 7-8 inches and there is then a hole in the back where the cables go through

Left and right side had 5 inches clearance.

Front of the tv unit is completely open

After playing a few hours forza 4 I felt the xbox and it was roasting hot and uncomfortable to touch.

I have now moved into it a vertical position behind the tv which is all open space. Does not seem to be anywhere near as hot after another hour gaming.

I am really worried I will have caused some damage by it getting that hot? Or will it have shut down well before any damage would happen?

Appreciate any advice from you knowledge folk.


Edit I have probably less than 20 hours game time spread out since launch of the console when it was inside the tv unit so it would have got very hot those other times as well I am guessing
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