Will i liable to pay back quidco received on a cancelled order?

Found 26th Feb 2010
Hi, recently i ordered a relatively expensive item and did so via quidco. Earning upwards of £50. I then went on to cancel the order for perfectly legitimate reasons. I did notice that the quidco had tracked but I expected the transaction to be canceled.

It has since been "received" by Quidco and it seems like I can withdraw the cash.

What should I do?
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You will be ok.

I have just had 24pound paid for something I clicked through but didn't order.??

Not complaining...
take the money, you will not be asked to pay it back if it's been validated
Ok, cheers for the advice.

This cashback thing is relatively new (to me at least) and I was unsure about the rules surrounding it all. Your comments seem to indicate that there aren't any rules. Thanks for the info.

Still open to any other people's opinions and experiences though.
ooh what did you order might try it my self!!
i got paid £1.21 cashback for the £15 (left for dead 2 I think I can't remember) misprice on Tesco website even though the order got cancelled
I wouldn't worry about it. I went for Sky TV a couple of years ago but when they came out to install it I couldn't get a signal because of nearby trees so had to cancel. Still got £110 through Quidco though!

ooh what did you order might try it my self!!

I could tell you... but then i'd have to kill you. ;-)
hand it in to the police.......just in case
Well they have a month to work out they've made a mistake.

I'm not going to chase them up, it's their fault the purchase didn't go through in the first place.

Thanks again everyone.
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