Will John Lewis price match Amazon?

Posted 25th Jul 2009
I want to buy P50G10 and cheapest i see is amazon.co.uk £1064.37

JL is a bit more.

Will they price match ?
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no they won't
Don't think they pricematch with online retailers.
Agreed! I work in John Lewis and they will not mach online prices.
pc world do, but do they sell tv's :?
I wanted JL coz of 5 year warranty

you should double check if any the retailers are in shops too,thaats what I did to get a price match on tv a few years back.

pc world do, but do they sell tv's :?

They havent price matched amazon in a long time.

I wanted JL coz of 5 year warranty

in 5 years time it'll be 2014, by that time you'll get a partial refund based on the age of the TV, they probably wont even try to fix it by then.

5 years a f**k of a long time in terms of TVs now.

this John Lewis thing takes a lot of people in.
i dont believe it to be the god send that its regarded as on here.

theres no direct phone service.
theres no set callout time
no set cutoff point where they decide your tv is gonna be written off cos parts arent available

as far as I can tell, its not unlimited repairs. its repairs up the value paid for the TV.
if they can't repair t or replace it without costing themselves too much money they'll "discuss an alternative with you", which will mean a partial refund in the form of vouchers based on the time you've had the TV.

and "occasionally we might ask you to pay for the repair and claim it back from us"
how long does that take?
since it takes about 3-5 days just for them to agree to a price match, who knows??

i don't personally believe a paying customer should EVER have to pay for their own repair and claim it back through the company, especially within a set warranty period.
if it was outside warranty and done via a claim against the retailer via the SOGA, fair enough.

Their T&C don't mention an in home service either. do you have to get the TV to their service centre? or will they pick it up and apply that charge to the repair bill?

is it transferrable should you want to sell the TV on?

they might have unrivalled customer service but this free 5 year thing seems a mite vague for my liking.
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