Will just plugging in Sky box in new home make it work?

Posted 3rd Oct 2009
Hi all

I am moving to a new house in 2 week, so had two related questions.

1) The new flat has a commual dish shared by the whole building and a working (AFAIK) sky-point already present in the living room. Will I be able to just carry my current sky-box to the new home and will it just start working without any installation needed? My current home has a communal satellite too, so I have never really had or needed a separate satellite dish for myself.

2) My contract completes 1 year next month. Can I cancel and get a new contract in my girlfriends name in the new flat (even after I have plugged in and used my old box there for around a month)? The reason to cancel and get a new contract is to make use of the free store vouchers they give out, plus I can sell off my old Sky box to someone (I guess).

Thanks a lot, appreciate the help a lot!!

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