Will laptop get cheaper around Christmas?

Posted 2nd Dec 2022 (Posted 15 h, 54 m ago)
the black friday deals for laptop were not that great but do you think that I shall wait for Christmas for cheaper deals or just buy now.
there's a asus vivobook s15 k3502za which looks quite good but will this get cheaper around Christmas?
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    I don't know
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    Doubt it. Inflation and various other factors have pushed pricing up. Black Friday basically just temporarily offset inflation and put us back to where we were about a year ago with most products. There were a few gems but for the most part it was a disappointment.

    The next big sale is around Boxing Day. And I would imagine the prices will be about the same as they were last week. No better. No worse.
    Thanks for the detailed feedback.
    A guess it would be better to make the purchase now. Sad though that we are still paying a premium price for some items that were meant to be far cheaper. Even the laptops with last year's processors are still selling at high prices.
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    won't get cheaper til after xmas
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    You know things go up in price the longer time goes by don't you. That's how the world works. That's like saying why aren't laptops the same price as 2015
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