will lebara sim work in phone locked to vodafone

Found 29th Jan 2012
I am using lebara sim for international calling. Lebara uses vodafone network, so wil lebara sim work in phone locked to Vodafone networks??
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I know it's 5 months old but someone may still be interested. I got a lebara sim some time ago and put it into my Vodafone locked Samsung PAYG mobile. It worked fine and still does to this day. So in my experience, yes you can.
I want to renew the question is it still working? cause I called lebara network and they told me that it will not work on vodafone locked phone
it didn't work for me either. Actually I had an iphone locked to vodaphone it didn't work in it. But on Android you can see post-2 confirming it working in android phone.
Talk mobile sims are supposed to work

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