will manhunt on the wii get released??

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Found 13th Aug 2007
it looks awesome but very violent as you actually like kinda do the things. i hope it comes out but hopefully kids dont get there hands on it.

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I think that R* have appealed the ban.

Just have to wait and see I think


been banned m8

it might still come out on Xbox 360 and ps3 though right?
I read an article about how the wii had been banned straight away because of it being a "family console".
To be honest though, rockstar should've expected this seeing as the last manhunt game was never released in some countries due to it being too violent for the public, and actually being taken off the shelves over here!

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hopefully they win the court case

It's not even being released on the 360 and PS3. The only consoles at the moment it's looking for release on are the PS2, Wii and I think the PSP.


Both Sony and Nintendo won't let third parties release AO (Adults Only) rated games on their systems.
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