Will moving jobs affect a mortgage request?

Found 6th Dec 2016
I'm thinking of moving jobs soon but I also would like to buy a house sometime next year. I am thinking if I get a higher paid job this will help me but not being there very long may hinder me?
I don't want to stay in my job much longer if I can help it but if it makes a huge difference I might have to?
Any advice is much appreciated!

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Tbh yes it will effect it as you have not been with your employer long.

BUT.. your actually bettering your circumstances by getting a better paid job.

It's not cause of rejection as long as your contracted and you can demonstrate your in secure employment

I can only agree with your thoughts . I think you should have the conversation with a reputable mortgage broker .

I was made redundant 4 months before i applied for a mortgage(had my new job 3 months by this point), it made absolutely no difference to my bank (halifax), they just wanted the last 3 payslips.

But it will probably depend on the bank. Halifax seemed quite relaxed in terms of what they needed to see, other banks may not - i.e. I've heard first direct and Tesco can be quite strict (so may want more).

If you could get say 6 months of work before applying for a mortgage that would be the best as you should then be out of the "probationary period"
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Just done my mortgage been in my new jobs 5 months wife been in her new jobs 1 month didn't effect mortgage at all just wanted to see contract to make sure there is no end date on the contract.

Hi, I would approach the bank / building society direct and ask their advice to see how they would favour you if you changed jobs. The main focus for the lender is your ability to repay the money they loan you long term.
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Thanks all. They seem more positive than I was expecting. I might also do as some of suggest and speak to a mortgage lender and see what they say but I think if move jobs now and look at buying middle of next year (more time to save) that should be fine. Thanks again!
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