will my car fail its Mot because of a broken tail light?

Found 25th Aug 2015
Hi, I managed to hit my wheelie bin when reversing out of my drive today, making a hole in the plastic tail light cover. My car is due for an Mot next Tuesday, will it fail if I don't replace it straight away? I have sealed the hole with cellotape so the rain doesn't get in!!

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Just to reiterate staurthanley...


and just to reiterate Phsycronix...


ummm to reiterate all the above.


I'm going to out on a limb here and say... Yes.

Get to a scrap yard, if you can figure out how to take one off twice, then you can figure out how to fit it

what car is it?

As long as the bulb is o.k. l doubt they would notice !

Could always have a look on Ebay. Sometimes people break cars - just search for your make of car and "rear lens" or similar wording. Scrappie is definitely a great suggestion too...

Incorrect light refraction, incorrect light colour, broken bits liable to fall out, water likely to get in causing bulb failure - any of these will result in a failure.

It's only a fail if it emits the wrong colour light.

get a lens repair kit like this one:

Simply 2250 Lens Repair Tape, Red/ Clear/ Amber by Simply amazon.co.uk/dp/…S2B

Some people will fail you for looking at them in a manner that displeases them aswell. If he notices it, tell him you know about it and are in the process of sorting it out, most mechanics will do favours, especially if it means repeat business !

Now if it was your revering lights not working due to xxxx no prob in passing test.
It doesn't come into it. Have had no reversing lights for 4yrs.... Passed every time

I test cars. If the bulbs are working and correct colour, and there are NO sharp edges which could result in a person cutting themselves on, it will pass

Never heard so much nonsense. Best leave it there !

The sharp edges bit is not in the lighting section, it is under 6.1, body and structure

Original Poster

It's on the clear part of the lens, so shouldn't affect the lighting, and all the bulbs work fine. It's just the plastic cover I damaged. I looked on Amazon and its about £55 for new one......damn that bin!

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It's a Vauxhall zafira, 2010

As long as the correct colour is shown it will pass
No white light
You may get an advisory as it is broken
I thought the newer zafiras had coloured sections with a clear rear cover
So lights should not be affected

As above as long as the tail lights or brake lights are not showing white light and its taped up not allowing water in its a pass

Tail light?


A rear light might.

Whilst getting a new light I would invest in some glasses aswell , how do you reverse into a wheelie bin haha

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Not sure really, I've got parking sensors as well...oO

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Thanks everyone for your comments, most appreciated

I've had this...


...for 5+ years and it's passed the MOT each year without comment at three different garages.

sickly sweet

I've had this......for 5+ years and it's passed the MOT each year without … I've had this......for 5+ years and it's passed the MOT each year without comment at three different garages.

Should be an automatic fail on colour alone


Should be an automatic fail on colour alone

It is much nicer in the flesh X) Less bile, more pretty metallic green.

Perfect first car, reliable for 13+ years and whizzes through its MOTs.

I'd recommend a Fiat Punto to any new driver on a budget (I was still always envious of my friends VW polos and golfs though X) but for the money we paid my car was/is perfect!!).
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