Will my new Xbox Premium have the 'new' chipset?

Just need a bitta confirmation that my new Xbox ( play.com/Gam…e=0 ) will have the new chipset that guarantees better reliablity and less chance of overheating/rrod.

I understand you can determin this by the power brick but as I don't yet have the 360 I can't work that out.

I'm under the impression all Xbox's made in the last year that aren't "Core" systems have the new hardware?

Thanks & happy GTA'ing to all!


If it has a Hdmi port it is one of the new v2 consoles with the modified heat sinks, that is the easiest way to tell the old from the new consoles.

HDMI doesn't determine whether it will be a falcon.

i got a premium from toys r us and had my doubts about which chipset was in it, as far as i can tell you want to look at the date of manufacture as the falcon chipsets went in late in 2007. my premium was made in 2006 and it had the hdmi port and it didnt have the falcon chip in it. - i took it back and got an elite instead.

if it says 175w on the label on the box then you're fine, if you're ordering online then you takes your chance.

What's the significance of the new h/w?

Ensure that its 175w, Made by team FDOU and later than lot #735,

When i got mine, i got it from a virgin deal, told em what i wanted and they gave me it to ensure it exactly was a falcon!!! It was the elite deal

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Ok, cheers. I'll take a look at the box etc when it arrives. I major factor in me buying a new 360 (rather than buying a friends old Core) is the Falcon. If I'm gonna flash it I def don't want it dying on me sometime down the line after the warranty's been voided.

If it's the old chip I might aswell send it back and buy my friends Core for £90 (including 20gb hdd) as it'll have the same probability of RRoD'ing.
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