Will my Pay as you go sim be deactivated if I don't top up?

Found 20th Mar 2018
I'm using a pay as you go sim for incoming calls only and WhatsApp, so I don't need to use the mobile services (texts and calls).

Is it true that after 3 or 6 months the sim will get deactivated?

Anyway to keep it active without topping up?
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I've never had a sim deactivate unless the phone has been switched off for a period of time.

Had parents on sims that would very rarely if ever call out but receive calls, never really got topped up and their sims never got deactivated.

The only advice I'd give is maybe call out every couple of months but I don't think that's necessary.
Mine got deactivated after about a year (calls and texts coming in but nothing outgoing) but all you have to do is call them and they will reactivate it. Never needed to top up either.
Most network will claim to deactivate after 180 of 'no chargeable event' (ie, not text being sent, call made ext). Sometimes sims get missed when the servers perform the search.
You might get lucky, you might get logged out after the first 6 months...
I've known of Vodafone deactivating sims that haven't had activity for a while.
Orange /EE did this to me too, and as it was a long time after (emergency phone) they couldn't /wouldn't reactivate and I lost the credit on it too.

Do check your T&Cs or ask customer services to confirm.
I would top up and make a call every 5 months just to bring yourself into that 6 month time slot as I have had my sim switched off before for non usage. Most networks allow 6 months but Virgin is a year I believe and Three can sometimes go on for awhile, for years even although will tell you it’s 6 months. I had Three do it after 6 months once and I believe that was to get me off an older tariff that they no longer do otherwise they would probably just have left it much longer. If you leave it too long after disconnection then you won’t get your number back as it will be recycled.
O2 deactivate sims quite quickly if they are not topped up and activated.
mutley12 h, 43 m ago

O2 deactivate sims quite quickly if they are not topped up and activated.

What about Three
I’ve got a old pay as you go phone with a 3 sim in, which I know last time I try to use it (recently) it was dead....Sure there was some credit on it too.....But will now check it out! Sorry not much help!
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