Will my power supply be sufficient to upgrade an agp 3600hd 512mb gddr3 graphics card?

    Model Number: DPS-295BB A
    Part Number: 1-468-709-15
    Input Voltage:
    AC 100-240V ~ 4.6A 50-60Hz
    Output Voltage: Total 295.4W
    +3.3V 13A MAX
    +5V 28A MAX
    +12V 17A MAX
    -12V 0.2A MAX
    +5VB 1.8A MAX
    1 x 20 pin ATX power
    4 x 4 pin peripheral
    1 x 4 pin floppy
    1 x 4 pin ATX

    so i'm guessing this means 295 watts max?

    pc has p4 3.4ghz, 2 hdds, 128mb 9600 ati radeon agp 8x, 2gig ram

    Looking to upgrade graphics card, hoping it will make up for the weak processing power when gaming.

    Also the seller said that the graphics card doesn't come with a power cable does this mean i have to get a new one? or can i use the existing power cable of the ati radeon 9600?

    Thanks in advance

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