Will the Dentist Remove my braces?

Found 9th Nov 2008
got braces put in a week ago, got them from the nhs , im turing 18 next month, so had to get them put on quick, now there on im having second thoughts treatment is going to be aroud 18 months and i dont think i can take them for that long i play football alot and even with a mouthgurad got his across the face with a elbow and my gums are cut up, so were to i go to get them removed? will my dentist remove them or to i have to go to the same orthadontist? when im about 20 or when i leave uni, when i have a income ill get braces again but probley them invisalign ones.

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give them time after a while most knocks wont damage your mouth and gums. but you will probably have to see an orthadontist.

I know they are uncomfortable for now. I was 19 when I had mine first put on. You really should keep them, 18 months will go so fast. You will really regret it if you have them taken off.
The invisable ones aren't that great. You can't eat or drink any strong coloured stuff like curries, beetroot, red wine coz they'll stain. They also hurt a lot more when they take them off.
Stick with it for a while longer and see how you get on

plus i bet they charge you for messing them about as only been a week

But wont your Trousers fall down !! :?

dude you can still play football with your braces in i done it for 3 years, your gums get used to them after about a month, even some pros have worn braces while playing so it would be silly to get the for free and then take them out so soon just to pay for them in two years time


I would give it a little more time, you will get used to them

hi i had braces when i was 17 then i started to go out partying and took them off,i really regretted it,i had them put back on when i was 33 and i was more embarrassed then because i was older,but i stuck with them mine didnt have to be on as long as they thought they would and now my teeth are lovely and straight,when you first get them they do hurt they cut the inside of your mouth and gums but you will get used to it,if you have a fixed brace it is the best because ive also had the one on the plate and then you cant talk properly with that one,after a while your mouth and gums will get used to it and they will stop hurting,as your teeth go back the dentist will trim the access wire off the brace which will also stop it cutting your mouth,i think you should stick with it a bit longer till your mouth and gums get used to it,its better to do it when you are younger than wait till you are older,i wish i had.
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