Will the Nokia 222 work on the Three Network? Need to buy an old school Nokia for Family member...

Found 10th Dec 2015
HI Guys

I am needing to buy an old school style Nokia candy bar phone for a family member, who is currently on PAYG with Three...

I have seen the Nokia 222, and looks an ideal replacement. It has a larger screen than others and seems good value at £35. While I appreciate some Smartphones on Windows Mobile and Android are available for this price. I will be completely wasting my time buying it, as my mother has no inclination learning a whole new Mobile eco-system.

My question is will the Nokia 222 work on the Three Network? From what I can see it is only compatiable up to 2.75G, and will not work on 3G or 4G networks.

If this phone will not work, could anyone suggest a Nokia that can be purchased for a similar price brand new, and is the candy bar style phone. I have seen a few Alcatel and Samsung phones which are similar, but a little hesitant as the menu options will be different.

Thanks In-Advance
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I have found on the Nokia/Microsoft website and under the specification it states for connectity, the below. Is this compatiable?


Cellular connectivity
GSM network: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz
GSM max data speed DL: EGPRS 236.8 kbps
GSM max data speed UL: GPRS 85.6 kbps

If it's not a 3g phone it will not work on 3
It's not a 3g phone
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