Will the Phillips monitor on hot deals fit my HP computer?

Found 27th Jul 2009
sorry to be vague but I have no idea if I purchase if it will be okay. Does it have to be the same make as your computer or do they fit any computer. Ta


Doesn't have to be same brand.

I've got a Philips monitor with a Packard Bell.

lol depending on the connection, you prob need a vga


if it looks like this just make sure the new monitor has vga listed as a input

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Oh good I can the cheap one for £69 then? that seems like a good deal eh?

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Now you are confusing me? VGA ?

hotukdeals.com/ite…sc/ is that the monitor?


does your pc have a blue connector / like the picture?

if so its all good

brand dont matter sorry

outputs are labelled


VGA is 15 standardly spaced pins ; DMI is 4 large oblong pins on one side, with standard pins on the other.

even if you cock-up and buy the wrong stuff, you can get dongles/cables to make them fit.


It's DVI, not DMI.

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You are all fabulous and I appreciate your help, I can order it now very happy.


It's DVI, not DMI.

Getting old . . . these little litttle letters. so.. hard... to ... make ... out...!

but yeah - of course, you're right. DMI is what it looked like, but it is DVI.
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