Will the price of goods increase or decrease after Christmas?

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Found 13th Dec 2006
There are a variety of discounts and offers both in high streets and on Internet before Christmas. For the Christmas gifts, you have to buy them before Christmas even if their price will drop after Christmas. But for the things you can wait after Christmas, is it better to purchase them before Christmas or after Christmas? For some goods, for example clothes, the price will decrease definitely. But what about other kinds of goods, for example digital cameras, hard drives, laptop and so on?


Who cares !!

If you want it, buy it, don't worry how much it will be in another few months

Prices normally decrease after christmas, normally clothes and stuff, and extra stock, but electricals don't usually come down all that much I don't think, not unless a store has over stocked. Thats just my personal experience.

The best time to buy, with vouchers and quidco in mind would be december. For instance, Misco have upped their ad rate to 8%. A jump of 3%!

Well im hoping companys do over stock, as i want my GHD's!

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Who cares !!If you want it, buy it, don't worry how much it will be in … Who cares !!If you want it, buy it, don't worry how much it will be in another few months

You are right. But the problem is that now it's not a must for me. I can wait after Christmas.

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Thx, grdesign. I agree that it may now be the best chance to buy these electronical goods.

BTW, Misco's goods are always more expensive.

Not always, depends what your getting. I bought 20 ink cartridges just yesterday £2 cheaper than anywhere else I could find them, plus the quidco. Plus misco always seem to deliver next day, even though I always pay for 3 day postage.

Service is best I had, so sometimes I'm willing to pay extra should I need something quick with good service.

hopefully decrease!

thats why they call it the January sales !!!

which is when i never have any money, but that will change this year!
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