Will these batteries work with this charger?

    i recently bought this charger:…mAh

    and i wanted to know if these batteries would work with them, as i can't find any cheaper 2300+ batteries:…1-1


    Should be fine - They may just take a little longer to charge but not a lot. The output rate quoted on the charger will give you an idea of how long.

    As long as they are the same type of battery or the charger charges multiple types you should be ok - These are NiMH ones which most are now. The cheap ones such as £land ones at 800 mAh tend to be Nic Cad and don't really last a long time (fine for clocks or low drain items but otherwise ones similar to the level you are looking at are best).

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    thanks, i'll buy them

    they are cheaper and you get quidco if you buy them direct from mds batteries who are the amazon seller anyway
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