Will this gointomy computer?…274, my computer is a dell optiplex gx260


    rep for helpers


    just checking to make sure, but it looks like your PC has IDE connections for drives rather than Serial ATA, in which case, it wont go

    It would appear not I am afraid.

    It uses SATA (Serial ATA) as it's connection method, where as according to the Dell site your machine only has IDE connections…htm

    yup, looking at the service manual on the Dell website it looks like you've only got IDE connections for extra drives, so the one you link to wont fit... however they do an IDE version which should go in no problem


    same price and same specs with the connection type you need :thumbsup:

    not to rain on your parade but upgrading dells are booooo! Realised that the other day. When I'm due for a new computer I'm going to build my own one.
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