will this record freeview channels?

    ebay item 330291624662

    looks kwl but will it record noth dvd and freeview?


    It will only record freeview on to disk, as it has no Hard Drive installed in it

    You need a Hard Disk recorder with built in freeview to record to the box without disks, same as what sky+ does, without having sky installed

    * something like item number - 130278541635 is what you need


    its looks nice and does have built in freeview so will record 1 hours freeview in HQ per disk. its still just a dvd recorder at the end of the day which is just old technology imho. HDD recorders are so much better in every way.

    No will only record to disc

    Original Poster

    went for this one 220336056730

    did i do good?

    Nice unit should suite your needs at a good price
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