Will this Wii ever work properly??

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Found 6th Jun 2011
Ive been offered a wii for £25, ive been told that they used to play copied games from a hdd fine but decided to sell the wii as they needed the money so unplugged it and updated the firmware. Apparently it wont update and comes up with an error now regarding the updates.

Can i still play games on it? (not copied) Will it affect anything? Can it be fixed? or should i stay clear?
I dont know anything about these and thought someone on here might be able to help.

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Newer games will need a more upto date firmware to run afaik.

However it will only be a softmod they have done so it will be able to be reverted back to normal somehow.

I've only just soft modded mine. It's great being able to have all the games there at the touch of a Wii remote on a hard disk.

Here's the guide to soft modding I followed, and the forum this link is for is probably *the* place to ask this question. wiihacks.com/rec…tml

If it just will not update it might have something like PriiLoader installed preventing it, which means you just need to update it manually.

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hmmmm tempted to get it as apparently it plays games that are out so far, then will get my other half to have a look on that website, think its best left to him as i dont know the first thing about soft modding.

Thanks for your help!! xx

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Just another question, can we make it any worse??? If we try and sort it, can we make it worse?

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Thanks will give it a whirl!


Yeah will just be priiloader or similar blocking the updates most likely.

Wii's don't need a newer firmware to run newer games, but they may require additional files added via the Homebrew Channel
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