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    Don't have a TV but want to watch DVD's. Would like to update our very old CRT monitor (with SCART connector) and VHS combo to a nice Widescreen TFT monitor & DVD combo.

    Normally there's no way to connect a DVD to a PC monitor coz they use different refresh rates or something.

    If I were to buy a DVD with DVI output would I be able to connect & view on a monitor with DVI input.

    e.g. would be able to connect…S6Y this monitor with…309 this DVD and be able to view everything ok? :geek:


    Some DVD players got D-Sub (commonly known as VGA) output (at least mine DLink DSM-320RD does).
    Also, TFT screens do not have refresh rate in the same way as it is in CRTs. I think that any TFT monitor should be able to accept 50Hz unless there is some limitation in its electronics (it should be fine for panels).
    Mine LG M1917A works OK with DVD player.

    This player, BTW do not have DVI connector, it has HDMI-DVI converter cable, according to manual. And I am not sure about this statement in User Guide:
    If TV does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth
    Digital content protection), snow noise appears on
    the screen.

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    Thanks Komunist.

    After your suggestion, went searching for DVD players with VGA output and came across the Yamanda Mi220x which has just about every concievable output for less than 50 pounds! :thumbsup:

    Gets pretty decent reviews too.
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