will thorpe park be busy tomorrow? typical wait times?

Found 9th Apr 2009
only eveer been really to blackpool on bank holidays n the wair times are usually 2 hours+ so dont wanna travel all the way to surrey for no reason!
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are you ******** me?

oh god yes. not only do they have that new Saw ride which theyve been advertising all month, but its bank holiday and half term...

you'd be mad.
my guess is good friday alot of people off work along with easter hols it gonna be packed!
Tends to depend partly on the weather. Heavy rain is forecast so, if it does rain early, a lot of people probably won't go.

Best way is to arrive when it opens and do all the top rides first. Queues start getting bad around 11.30 and then just get worse and worse if the weather is OK.
When I go to Thorpe Park during the summer or bank holiday, I make sure I take my Queue Potty..

hahaha point taken thought
I'd be spontaneous but guess its just the couch n chocolate for me tomorrow! cheers guys x
Might not be busy, ive been to Alton Towers on bank holidays and its not been extremely busy, most people think its busy so they dont go
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