Will Vodafone Advantage Work with Quidco Cashback

Found 25th Jul 2011
So, I have had my sights set on the Galaxy S2 for months now but waited for a good (very good!) deal to pop up.

Vodafone are now offering half price on your first three months with S2 contract plus Quidco are doing £150 cashback. I am working for a company that Vodafone provide with a 20% discount on line rental over £20 a month. I am going with highest possible line rental as upfront cost is not included in the offer and you get more for your money anyway.

So it goes something like this

£51/m*80%*12 (20% Vodafone Advantage discount on 12-month contract) = £489.6 + £59 upfront = £548.6

Add to that half price on first 3 months (exclusive now) and you get £487.4

Finally, take out £150 and you have yourself a bargain at £337.4 for 12 months and brand new phone through Vodafone.

My biggest issue with this is that I am not sure if cashback will pay out. Anyone ever tried this or should I just call Vodafone and ask anyway (which I'll prob do lol).
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As a rule a network will only apply one discount.

I've tried it a couple of time over the years and it never worked, but I've seen a few posts over at MSE from people saying they've got away with it.
I get the feeling if it's an automatic process it'll fail, but if it's done manually you've a chance that they'll miss it.

The only other thing to let you know is that Voda can be terribly slow payng out through Quidco. I've only ever done one and that took 2 years to pay out!!!
Quidco is only £50 for 12 month too?
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