Will we have any politicians left?

Found 3rd Nov 2017
It's all a bit daft. Obviously, serious allegations must be investigated and the law must take its course. But, the rest is nonsense imho.
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Do we need em ?
well yeah but not half as much as they think

Let us get a proper system for electing them already ffs

about it really

OH yes your question always volunteers for the greasy pole

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Hopefully not.

Any MP or elected official must be morally better than most human beings but the sad thing is that most could be questioned when it comes to the financial responsibilities.

I'd love to see a day when elections, parliaments and political parties were free from financial or commercial support.

But what gets me is that some of these "abused" would have used their body to further their career so they aren't really abused in my opinion. And you feminists and SJW's etc can scream all you want and try to say "that's offensive" but it happened and yes it's wrong but who is at fault.. just the men because the majority of men are in higher positions

And if a man tried to publicise that he was "abused" by a senior person (which happened to be female) would he get the full support of society or laughed at?
It's amazing the publicity and reaction to this .. Wasn't so long ago hundreds of girls were systematically abused in Rotherham and nobody listened for years.. And not many rushed to resign over that scandal
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The public always complains about politicians being out of touch with ordinary people, at the same time they expect their politicians to be extra-ordinary people.
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