William Hill aren't honouring my bet. Advice please?

Found 19th Nov 2014
I made two bets with William Hill last night. My winnings were given as £542, and £144. On the finish of the final game, my winnings where given to me. £155, and £47. Obviously this was wrong, so I contacted them, and they informed me that one of my selections was void. He told me that the bet should not have been available after the start of the game. However, the selection was available as in match betting, and this was nearly 20 minutes into the game.

The bet was available through the entire match, and I was also given the option of cash ins, (each at least double what I was eventually given). Their own terms and conditions say the correct odds will be paid out on the game. However, I received no odds, and my selection was ignored, despite being advertised and valid on their page, and they accepted my stake and took my money for that bet, only to void it on completion.

I'm now losing out on £500 for their mistake, on a bet we both accepted. Is there anything I can do, and is their more information you may need?
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I'd be **** as I bet they'd have taken the funds if you lost the bet!
TBH not a great deal you can do, I would keep complaining but they probably wont care.
To be honest Im not sure you are really explaining this right so before anyone can make a decision explain what the bet was?

E.g. If a team was 5 - 0 up during play and you bet on them at 100/1 this would be clearly a mistake and you wouldnt be paid out on this. However if it was 0 - 0 and the odds were 11/10 and you took the bet on then you should be paid as it was not clear this was a mistake.

So more information needed please...
You never see a poor bookie. Mugs game.
William Hill are terrible for things like this, when I used to bet a lot I had similar experiences with in-play bets that either submitted wrong or paid wrong. All I ended up getting was free bets to the value of my losses. Bad customer service imo.
Theres definitely more to this than the op is divulging , can you please give more info on the bets in question please op?
I think you'll find that their terms and conditions cover such eventualities as this. So give it a go, have a moan but be factual and polite and you may get something, but I'll bet that they'll stand their ground.

Additionally, I do believe that a bet isn't actually legally binding? Technically I don't believe they have to pay out at all, although this is probably an out of date law now.
it is probably under the same rule as cashier taking a bet by accident, like accepting a racehorse double at the odds to win the 2000 guineas and then the odds offered to win the derby. It is not legitimate as if he wins the 1st he will be shorter for the 2nd so to you have take reduced price. They got well hammered by Dennis Amiss et al on Warwickshire a few years ago when they all did yankees on Warwickshire for all 4 domestic trophies, and they won 3 and lost the other in the final I think. A new cashier for example could take an accumulator on a 0-0 draw, no goalscorer, draw half time/ full time,and a draw match result and it works out massive odds for what is essentially a 0-0 correct score.Recent changes have brought a lot of offshore firms into UK scope, so like said argue case, maybe even compromised payout, and threaten with commission if that is no good, and then write to commission.They have not paid you so it is all a bonus now!
If you are not happy with their decision, you can take your complaint to IBAS (Independant Betting Arbitration Service).
If it was an in shop bet just phone customer services about it. If you're sure there were In play odds available then you can argue the toss.
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