Wimbledon, womens 2nd round, what the heck is that grunting about?

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Found 24th Jun 2009
its starting to put me off i think i am going to have to turn over channels
no wonder the womens game gets lets viewers than the mens, why would you want your ears to hurt while enjoying a great game of tennis.



they can make that noise round my house if they like

LOL i guess its like an effort/concentration thing they do.

they mite have a stone in there shoe:w00t:

mr miagi;5576906

they mite have a stone in there shoe:w00t:

you think they've both got one then?

what's the chances of that happening?


Imagine what they sound like during sex.



Imagine what they sound like during sex.:-\

I take my shoes off for that!



I take my shoes off for that!

You got ears on your big toes?:roll:

they're stupid, they make noises like they're putting effort into it


I haven't watched wummins tennis since they raised the camera angles.


Sometimes they only tap it over, but orgasm at the same time...

I have turned the sound off, like the nice looking ladies, but the grunting in my opinion is cheating..

Only the one doing it, and if you notice she stops the "grunt" after the other person hits the ball.
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