Wimpy no-fines building insurance?

    Hello we are in the process of buying our first house. It is a wimpy no-fines construction and our mortgage adviser has helped us out but suggesting companies they use for Insurance however it seems expensive.

    The house is a 2 bedroom and value is £182,000 the quote they have given us is £47 a month but friends I talk to say this is expensive. Can anyone recommend a company that is good and possibly cheaper


    I have a wimpy concrete house construction and for building/contents pay around £150 a year with swift cover. Had homes ins with Swinton and various others without issue, it's just a concrete house on construction type drop down on most comparison sites.

    If you're looking for contents and buildings give Aviva a go. if you have car insurance with them they give a good discount.

    AXA is good value. Do you mind if I ask the location?

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    sure where in havant south of England
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