Win (1 of 11) two fun games to play this Christmas @ First News

Drumond Park’s wacky new Stoopido game is downright silly! Roll the dice, and depending on what comes up,
choose a nose, eyes, ears or a hat from the pile – and add it to the glasses of another player! As play proceeds, everyone gets loaded up with ever more comical items.

The winner is ‘the last man standing’ – the only player left without a full Stoopido face on their glasses!

In the popular Articulate For Kids team board game there are more than 300 cards with over 2,000 words or phrases to describe to your team mates – in the same six categories as the original best-selling Articulate! game. In each round, the players are either ‘Describers’ or ‘Guessers’.

Have a go yourself – with subjects like Dustbin, Homework, Bake Off and Cracker, for instance!

Eleven lucky winners will each win Stoopido and Articulate For Kids. To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

If you went to the optician, what would they check?*
eyes >>>Suggested answer

Submission message: Thanks for your entry. We'll be in touch if you've won!


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