Win 1 of 4 Hotpoint Espresso Machines with Shortlist (Updated for Week 4)

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Hotpoint’s new espresso machines are here, so pour yourself a cup and take this week’s quiz - Answers in comment #1 below.


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Week Four's Answers

1. How fast did Tillman, an English Bulldog, do 100m on a skateboard to set a new dog record in 2009?
Answer: C. 19.678 seconds

2. What was the fastest speeding ticket in the world, recorded in a 75mph zone in Texas in 2003?
Answer: C. 242mph

3. A mobility scooter that was supercharged by a man named Colin Furze from Stamford set a new world record by going how fast?
Answer: B. 71mph

4. How many one-arm push-ups did Paddy Doyle from the West Midlands do in an hour to set a new world record in 1993?
Answer: C. 1868

5. What is the world record for milk extracted from a cow in just two minutes, set by Maurizio Paschetta of Italy in 2012?
Answer: B. 7.91 pints

6. How many balloons did Andrew Dahl of the USA inflate through his nose in three minutes to set a new world record?
Answer: C. 23

7. What is the fastest rollercoaster in the world at 150mph?
Answer: A. Formula Rossa in UAE

8. How quickly did Robert Edward Lee from Australia eat three mince pies to set a new record in 2013?
Answer: A. 54 seconds

9. How long did it take Brazilian Gabriel Pereira Campanha to set a new record by solving a Rubik's Cube with his feet?
Answer: A. 27.17 seconds

10. How long did it take Geoff Marshall and Anthony Smith to travel to every London Underground station to enter the record books?
Answer: B. 16 hours 20 minutes


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9 out of 10 I had ..

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Same here - but the answers are correct. I'm guessing some sort of technical issue with the selections.

same again 9-10 I'm sticking with the PK

Yep me too but much appreciated for the answers

Thank you for the answers; much appreciated. Good Luck.


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The culprit is question 2 - it wants you to select David Beckham as the answer, even though Sir Alex Ferguson is correct.

Thanks, glitch must be sorted ok. 10 out of 10
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Got 10 out of 10 with these answers thank you

Thanks PK

Many thanks

Thanks 10 out of 10


Thank you




thank you painkiller got 10 out of 10 it must be sorted

10/10, all sorted, thanx again PK
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i got 10 outta 10 thanks lovely



Thank you


BIG THANKS!!!....and for all those answers!10 outta 10!


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Updated questions for week 4
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