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Listen up music lovers!

You know that summer has finally arrived, when the festival season begins. Each summer, over 3 million people will flock to a music festival, and with over 600 to choose from in the UK alone, from Reading, V Festival, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight to Download - the list and variety of concerts and venues is endless.

Many festival goers spend countless hours dutifully checking weather forecasts in advance and whilst sun cream, sunglasses, waterproofs and wellies are essential survival items, one very important item often overlooked is hearing protection.

So listen up music lovers - arena concerts and clubs can produce dangerously high volumes of sound easily exceeding 85dB, which is the level at which serious ear damage can set in, and the sound at big music festivals can reach 130dB - like listening to a jet engine take off. Just 15 minutes of exposure without hearing protection can cause serious hearing damage. Hearing damage is irreparable - it doesn't heal, it won't get better. And the worst bit is, hearing damage is cumulative - it builds over time, getting worse and worse.

According to Action on Hearing Loss, 90% of people have experienced serious signs of hearing damage after just ONE night out. To raise awareness amongst music lovers to look after their ears they conducted a survey on 1,000 people asking what Tinnitus was. Shockingly 39% of those asked didn't know, a further 22% thought it was an allergy to metal and 11 people thought it was a repetitive strain injury.

Tinnitus is ringing in the ear; it can be a dull or constant painful ringing sound that can cause dizziness, loss of equilibrium and difficulty sleeping to even total hearing loss. Tinnitus is brought on from listening to loud music at festivals, nightclubs and gigs or through mp3 players and can be avoided by simply using hearing protection. Even if you already have Tinnitus, by using protection, your hearing will not deteriorate further.

Auritech 'Music to your ears'!
Auritech is a UK brand with 20 years' experience across Europe in designing custom-fit hearing protectors ' and has recently launched universal-fit Auritech Music Hearing Protectors. Unlike traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs Auritech Music Hearing Protectors contain precision-tuned, patented ceramic filters. This new technology ensures maximum protection from dangerously high levels of noise - yet allows music to be heard absolutely clearly as it should be; all communication remains clearly audible and there is no muffled/blocked effect standard with normal ear plugs.
Auritech enables the user to protect their ears, whilst enabling them fully to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the festival without loss of sound clarity and without the noise hangover the next day.

The unique silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic outer construction of Auritech Music Hearing Protectors makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods as there is no pinching, sweating or other discomfort and is suitable for all ages. They are re-usable and can be washed in warm, soapy water.

Auritech Music Hearing Protectors is your festival essential and can be purchased from larger Boots stores or boots.com or online directly from Auritech at auritech.co.uk, Tel: 01483 516434. RRP: £19.95 per set which includes an aluminum tube for safe stage.

Available in large Boots stores and on Boots.com

To enter just send an email with PROTECTION in the subject line to [email protected]music-news.com please list your name, EMAIL, home address and telephone number.

It's that simple! Best of luck!



Thx Just what I need when the out-laws visit oO

Thank you

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