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    'From Albion to Shangri-La' by Peter Doherty
    edited and transcribed by Nina Antonia
    Published by Thin Man Press July 2014

    Candid, provocative and insightful, 'From Albion to Shangri-La' chronicles six tumultuous years in the life of Peter Doherty.
    Collated from his unexpurgated and oft times barely hinged journals, 'From Albion to Shangri-La' shows a talented artiste teetering on the brink twixt poetry and madness. Darting from extravagant highs to desultory lows, this book provides an intimate portrayal of one of the most complex, yet gifted English icons.

    Though many books and articles have been written about the Libertines & Babyshambles frontman, 'From Albion to Shangri-La', is the first truly revelatory autobiographical account of an enigma. Of his own paradoxical nature, Peter ponders 'I will be found a stranger in my own skin. Wonder how I ever let myself in?'

    Peter is in the habit of leaving his diaries open for friends and fans to write in; 'From Albion to Shangri-La' contains poignant entries by Amy Winehouse and Peaches Geldof.

    As the captivated 'Mimi' declared in an on-line review. 'From Albion to Shangri-La' isn't a book it's an experience.'
    Concluding with excerpts from Peter's tour diaries and an exclusive interview with Nina Antonia, 'From Albion to Shangri-La' will satisfy both aficianados of the Libertines and Babyshambles whilst fully engaging - or even enraging - the more casual observer.

    'The morning presented thousands of £'s worth of damage and aye, to be sure, not to be seen as 'notching up' girls on the fabled bed-post, perhaps damage to the heart of a (wait for it) blue-eyed, blush-cheeked divinity called...oh does it matter. S'not like I wasnae more than loving to the girl.'

    'From Albion to Shangri-La' is available with a 30% discount from the Thin Man Press website ( & from all good bookshops RRP £14.99. Also available on Kindle & all e-book formats.

    To enter just send an email with PETER in the subject line to [email protected] please list your name, EMAIL, home address and telephone number.

    It's that simple! Best of luck!



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