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    Win £10,000 with Dave's 2010 quiz

    The quiz consists of 5 rounds; News, Sport, Music, Film and Comedy – with each round containing 10 questions.

    I have placed the answers I used below. Where as I feel I have accurately looked into the answers, I cannot say that all are correct.

    Round 1 (News)
    1) Iceland
    2) Christine O’Donnell
    3) False (They got 36.1%)
    4) Poland
    5) Mario Vargas Llosa
    6) Wikileaks
    7) 69 days
    9) A fire extinguisher
    10) Sony cassette Walkman

    Round 2 (Sport)
    1) True
    2) Diego Milito
    3) Antonio Margarito
    4) False
    5) Rain
    6) Imperial Commander
    7) True
    Sebastian Vettel
    9) Roger Federer
    10) Commonwealth Games

    Round 3 (Music)
    1) Janelle Monáe
    2) Darkness On The Edge Of Town
    3) Grinderman
    4) The Pipettes
    5) Love
    6) Gummy Bears
    7) A Fairy
    Laura Marling
    9) Kings Of Leon
    10) Paul Weller

    Round 4 (Film)
    1) Ewan McGregor
    2) Date Night
    3) African Child
    4) Michael Keaton
    5) Harvard
    6) The Last Airbender
    7) False
    9) Jeff Bridges
    10) Jack Lemmon

    Round 5 (Comedy)
    1) Rob Brydon
    2) Pork scratching
    3) Tim Vine
    4) Tim Key
    5) Peter Kay
    6) The Day Simon Finally Understood The Point Of Curtains
    7) Frank Chickens
    False? Think it was the Simpsons
    9) Robert Llewellyn
    10) I Would Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face



    Blimey, they make you work for it!

    Edited by: "seefman" 5th Dec 2010

    What a star you are. That was an extremely hard and long quiz you did there. Well done!

    Oh bye the way Q5 in round 2 was correct. oO X) X)

    Ta very much ! especially for providing the answers..phew oO

    Great job with the answers

    Thanks mate!!!

    thanks for all your effort -


    thank you



    Thanks (_;)

    thanks gb X)

    Thank you, you are a star.





    Anyone had any problems registering?

    Thanx for all them many answers!

    thanks for the answer


    Wow,20+ minutes to complete.Thanks for your hard work

    thnks, that was a haul and a half

    Thanks OP, great work. Happy Xmas.

    Thanks for your effort on this! The question you put a mark against (Round five, question eight) has the correct answer (False).

    Report on BBC Website here

    Pheww! Thanks for all your work OP

    WOW!!! You're BRILLIANT, thanks alot

    great checked all the answers , most are correct
    thank you

    Original Poster


    great checked all the answers , most are correctthank you

    Which ones were wrong? Had a feeling I would have got some wrong, but I did reserach them.

    Had problems entering and think I pressed the wrong button and submitted my entry before I'd completed it properly (and I hadn't seen your answers here) but just had an email to say my entry was confimed! Wish I'd seen your suggestions for answers before! What a star you are! Hope someone from this forum wins the £10,000!

    Round 3 (Music) - Question 7
    The answer is: a phoenix, not a fairy

    Taken from Wikipedia page on the cover art: "The artwork (a portrait by George Condo) shows West being straddled by an armless winged white female (a phoenix)"
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