WIN £10,000 worth of Argos Goodies [E: 20/12/07]

I got this email today from Argos for a competition of £10,000 worth of goodies to give away.

You need to guess how many items are in the jar...

Hope someone here wins. Good Luck:santa: :santa: :thumbsup:


If you have iPoints you can earn 20 points by going through there to enter the competition.

Entered, thank you Jaguark! :-D

Thanks, entered

Probably nowhere near, but it's worth a shot :thumbsup:

Don't forget to tick the two boxes at the bottom to opt out of the newsletter and having your details passed on to third parties

Many thanks - have entered

Entered thanks

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Yeah - had a go - thanks.

Thanks entered mine said "good guess" did anyone else get that lol


Thanks entered mine said "good guess" did anyone else get that lol

I don't think I did... maybe you'll win :w00t:


Thanks entered mine said "good guess" did anyone else get that lol

I got that too!

Original Poster

lol everyone gets it after they put a number in.
lol maybe we'll all win!!

thanks, had a guess

Thanks, good luck everyone

What guess did you guys put, so I know that I'm not miles off!

I'm going to put 1700, by the way, which is how many new products they have.

i put 645

i only guesses 337 wot bout others?

I think 1700 because of there new products is a bit much as it would probably come to more than £10,000, I got good Guess too keep your fingers crossed

1487 i think

i guessed 790 lol im probably about a thousand away with my luck

721 here. =) Chances of winning? Anyone worked it out? =)

Thanks for this and Good Luck

Original Poster

your welcome Good luck everyone

is this £10k worth of Elizabeth Duke?


Thanks have entered :santa:


I reckon about 3000


Yay, I got 'good guess' as well. Long shot, but £10000 in vouchers would really come in handy!

when do we know who wins?

i put 417 doubt its over 600
the tv took up a lot of space in ther jar and thats 1 thing most things will be smaller than that - thats my logic lol

I put around 900.
Only time will tell how close we all are.
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