Win £250 Gift Voucher for IWOOT (20/11/06 to 01/12/06)

    We lovely folk at IWOOT know what a stressful time Christmas can be.
    So, whilst pensively dunking digestives in our hot chocolate yesterday, we came up with a plan to try and help all our favourite iwooters through the Festive whirlwind.
    We have decided to give away ONE £250 Gift Voucher to spend at EVERY WEEK DAY in our secret code competition. That's just enough to cover your Christmas shopping and find a treat for yourself for good measure.
    The concept is simple, register your details below and choose yourself a unique secret codename, something that's unique to you and nobody else will choose e.g. WILDEBEEST1
    From Monday 20th November 2006 to Friday 1st December (prime Gift Gathering time, people!) we will randomly select one original secret code and publish it right here on this page like so:……OV1

    HAPPYPANDA (20th Nov)


    Thanks landofdan. I'm entering!

    If someone posts the winning codename in here everyday perhaps, as the prize needs to be claimed daily, or it is forfeited...

    Here's an idea... We make a list of our codes and each get a 1 month Jetable e-mail address - if anyone spots a winning code, e-mail the Jetable email address... Like so:-

    Warmtoe = [email protected]

    What do you think?

    I entered by-the-way - I am Warmtoe, if you see me come up mail me quick!!!!

    Thanks for this landofdan ;-)

    i've just entered this one ta very much.........

    Original Poster

    first winner is HAPPYPANDA (20th Nov)

    Thanks for the reminder, I would have forgotten about this!

    I didn't win... :-(

    Nor me ....:-(

    Will be checking tomorrow.........

    I didn't win today, I will do tomorrow though, oh yes I will!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I must have entered at least 10 IWOOT comps, from giving pet sheep names to solveing riddles to finding hidden eggs etc, it's about bloody time I win something from them

    This is my first competition, after joining these forums today. Friendlyplace I feel ;0)[COLOR="DarkGreen"][/COLOR]

    entered, what the heck! cheers


    [/COLOR][COLOR=red]Today's winner is Andrew … [/COLOR][COLOR=red]Today's winner is Andrew B.[/COLOR][COLOR=red]Codename: ITSMEITIS[/COLOR][COLOR=red]

    [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]Welcome to the forums moocows mum!!![/COLOR][/COLOR]

    Welcome to HotUKDeals moocowsmum and good luck

    Original Poster

    todays winner

    Codename: BANANAPIES

    Not me again

    I'm waiting for two codes for 2 email addys that I applied from. I can't remember what they are though, but I'll know them if I see them!!!

    mate u want to swap/trade any games

    let me when you want it

    safe dude $eya

    Original Poster

    ^^ eh?

    todays winner

    [COLOR=red]Today's winner is Claire H.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Codename: IAMTHEHULK[/COLOR]

    Is anyone else starting to think these aren't so much 'picked at random' as chosen because they are funny or clever etc, each day after the code name there has been a funny little return quip style thing.

    So, you're in luck if they can come up with a quip for your names.

    WARMTOE ? Something about me 'hot-footing over to IWOOT for some great bargains'?

    If i'd known this was going to be part of it beforehand I'd have come up with a better codename than 'plugboard' - I really don't see any where they could go with that lol

    Just entered a couple more times with a couple more e-mail addresses I had:

    IWOOTUWOOT (you love me too woot)

    Let's see if they are 'picked at random'.

    Original Poster

    [COLOR=red]Today's winner is Debby K.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Codename: DIBZYWIBZY[/COLOR]

    ...and for the first time they didn't put something funny after it, hmm. That blows my theory I guess.

    hmm, they don't seem to have updated today...maybe they are having the weekend off, though it says everyday.

    No, it says every week day... different meaning.

    Ah so it does, silly me

    Don't worry. I checked 3 times this morning before I wondered why there was no new code, until I read that!

    I keep forgetting to check back here :roll: Thanks for the reminders and adding the winning names each weekday :giggle:

    [COLOR=red]Today's winner is Amy S.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Codename: HAPPYMOUSE [/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]Amy S. wins again!?[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Today's winner is Amy S.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Codename: ERICTHECAT[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

    Again!!! Weird!

    It was almost me.... I've got JAKETHEDOG!!!! Ah well there's always tomorrow!!!:giggle:

    [COLOR=red]Today's winner is Tris H.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Codename: JUGLEBERRY [/COLOR]

    Not mine Thanks for the updates as I always forget about checking back on this one :roll:

    I still haven't won yet, 2 more chances!!

    Todays winner......... Ray B. WANGLEFLIP..

    Todays Winner is .... GARY A. ILOVEDUCKS.

    Aww, well that's that then...another iwoot comp down, another one not won lol

    Hang on a min.....Is this competition still going?????

    Quote from the IWOOT site.........

    "Until Friday 15th December (prime Gift Gathering time, people!) we will randomly select one original secret code and publish it right here on this page as above."

    Looks like the competition has been extended

    Today's winner is Debbie S.

    Codename: MONTYBURNS

    Woah that's odd, nice spot...I'd given up checking because I thought it ended!

    Looks like it has been extended by a whoping 2 weeks!

    Another 2 weeks! very strange. Still another few more chances to win....:santa: :santa:
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