Might be good but i'm going to leave this one, when they mention account it sends shivers down my spine

Yeah, same here, think I will give this one a miss, thanks for taking time and trouble to post though Hana

Doesnt sound like one I will be entering, thanks anyway

I know Freeola very well for professional reasons. Good company with very honest management. They were also my ISP for many years and still host my website and e-mail. (From memory I think they were founded about 1998, maybe a year or two either way)

Basically they are asking you to register with them, which isn't really any different from many of the competitions around. It is, of course, up to you whether you sign up for the chance of a £30 voucher. Especially as you will need to take part in their website in some capacity as winners are picked from the days posting. I'm just posting this in case people are worried that they are some scam setup.

For complete disclosure I think I still have an account, but never post on the website.

Freeola are my ISP,been with them since October of last year.There are UK based Entanet resellers and are 100% above board.Would recommend them without hesitation.They have been running this promotion for ages,Ive just never bothered doing it.No kind of scam and anyone who wants to register and enter can do so without any worries.

Check out their ratings on DSL reports:

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