WIN 4 months NowTV Kids Pass!

LocalFound 17th Jul 2017
PRODUCT: 4 months NowTV Kids Pass
PERIOD: Unlimited
Right, I have benefited from a lot of deals posted on this website/app, so I thought I could try and repay the community with this...

Earlier this month I posted a deal regarding NowTV boxes with kids passes for £3 pounds.
I have no need for the code and as the school holidays are approaching I thought I would throw it out there and give it away; all you need to do to enter is to leave a comment and on Friday 21st July I will pick one of the comments at random and give them the code to use...

All the best!
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Thanks for the kind offer
This pass would come in very useful over the summer holidays
Great prize, would love to win for my son in the holidays, we have the NOW TV box that we used for sports and I was wanting to try the kids for him in his room.
Thanks for the opportunity to win the code, it's a very kind thing to do. Good on you!
Hi guys sorry I'm not at home this weekend and I forgot to take the code with me... Sorry for that but winner is michellecraig55.

I will PM you the code when I get back on Sunday around 7pm.
Can someone tell me how to PM? I have the code ready and waiting but I can't PM the winner
Michellecraig55, I think I can't PM you because you haven't been active enough on this site - I could post the code as a comment but there's no assurance you would get it before somebody else. So if you're happy with that please comment or an email address
Hi Crith
If unclaimed it would be greatly appreciated. My code runs out soon 🏻
You should be able to direct message me
Hope someone has got some use out of the above code!
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