Win £6,000 with Dickinson's Real Deal - Tuesday 6th July

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Found 6th Jul 2010Made hot 7th Jul 2010
Answer the question featured in the show correctly, and you could win a cash prize equivalent to the final selling price!

Answer: C (Carpenter)


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Thanks Pk

The link from this page doesn't work, direct link;

As for this new site set-up, obviously doesn't come from the "If it ain't broke don't fix it school"

My sentiments exactly change it back!

Plus you can't edit your own post!!

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Sufficed to say the link is fine, HUKD is just removing all of the url after itv.com


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In fact all of the competition urls I've checked seem to be messed up by the site.

When will folk learn to leave well enough alone!

Best regards


Google ain't your friend.
More privacy, no IP logging.

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Can I suggest you go here until they undo all of these idiotic changes.

Been a member there for a long time.

Came here because I preferred this layout....until now!

thank you painkiller keep the work UP


Plus you can't edit your own post!!

Not till you've refreshed the screen does the edit icon appear, but then there are other issues, I've found that if you post a link when you go in to edit all other text(other than link) has disappeared!!

dont like and im not keep on MSE's layout never worked out how to work thru methodically on it. really hope they fix this soon

thanks pk. can't get my head round this new site. only just got used to old one!




Thanks PK ;)....I so wish they never messed with the site tho

Entered, http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/4290/thankyourosebi5.gif

ta very much

Thanks Painkiller

This site is now useless. I for one will be going here until it is returned to its previous state.

thanks painkiller.If there enough complaint I am sure they will correct so let complain.

thanks PK


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